A Poem Titled ‘My Love’

My Love

I sit at the table,
Across from him,
He looks at me intensley,
I cannot look away,
I could look all day.

I smell him,
And the smell instantly makes me happy,
It’s beautiful,
Unlike any I’ve smelled before,
I could smell him all day.

I sit in my seat,
I’ve been ready all day.

He looks hot,
A bead of water drips down,
I want to touch him,
I could touch him all day.

He calls my name,
My breathing instantly increases,
I cannot breathe,
I need him,
I need him inside me,
I always need him inside me.

I reach over,
Feel his warmth,
The steam rising up,
So strong,
My lips touch the warmth,
And all of a sudden it’s inside me,
The best cup of coffee,
I’ve had in my damn life,
My coffee,
My love,
I will have you always.

I truly do apologise for writing this garbage to be honest.


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